Combating Climate Change with Mangrove Forestry, Education, and Blockhain

Everyone Can Grow Mangroves


The most carbon-rich and productive forests in the world - mangroves - need our support in the fight against climate change.


Who We Are

Global Mangrove Trust is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore, led by a team of multidisciplinary innovators, educators, and environmentalists; and supported by an advisory of forward-thinking individuals and organisations.

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Our Mission


To empower families and businesses to protect our future through funding mangrove forestry.


Why Mangroves?

Mangrove forests are amongst the most effective carbon stores on the planet. In other words, for the same amount of space they occupy, mangroves can sequester more carbon than most other mitigation methods - this means less resources in for more return of investment.



How We Work


We develop curriculum, host integrative learning experiences, and nurture the next generation of environmental leaders.
We are building the infrastructure to enable the global sponsorship of mangrove forestry in an efficient, effective, and transparent way.

We are bringing together families, businesses, and mangrove communities through an integrative platform for social and educational engagement around blue carbon sequestration.


Our Partners


WIF works with local communities to reforest and conserve mangroves in Myanmar and across the Bay of Bengal.
Generation Blue is building an innovation platform to be nature’s pioneering investment bank that connects eco-heroes to capital markets.
SUPKids teaches kids Standup Paddleboarding, water safety, and marine stewardship in experiential and integrative ways.