More than 500 Trees

More than 500 Trees


Contact Rich (, our Donor Relations Manager, to shape a large scale sponsorship

At GMT, we value transparency and precision highly, yet we also adapt to a living world. Thus in setting sponsorship costs, we have resolved to provide a robust baseline impact, and to outperform that baseline whenever possible. Thus, the tree sponsorship numbers posted above represent a minimum estimate, as real-world planting costs vary according to location and topography of the various sites where afforestation and reforestation take place. In many cases, we can plant MORE trees for your sponsorship estimate (i.e.: 7 trees planted instead of 5 as marked on the site). To date, GMT's Board of Directors have personally planted over 60,000 mangrove trees. We appreciate your confidence in joining us in this work.

All sponsors will receive one GRO-Coin for each 1$ donated and this will be deposited into the sponsor’s digital wallet. In addition making your payment, please also supply GMT with your email address so that we can send you your GRO-Coins.

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