GMT Forest in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park

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  • 30% budget is for public education

  • revolutionising planting protocols

  • scholarships for local children

  • 2 university capstone projects

  • 12 PhD students

  • 42 papers written

  • distribution of solar lamps

  • subsidy for fuel saving stoves

  • Blue carbon sequestration

  • deter mangrove harvesting for charcoal production

  • increase fish stocks by 50%

  • increases biodiversity ten fold

  • habitat for 10 endangered species of marine species

  • protects sensitive offshore environments from runoff

  • safe-haven for juvenile species

  • habitat for 10 endangered species of plants

  • 100 family earners

  • deters unsustainable practices e.g.clearing for shrimp farms and charcoal harvesting

  • support to the fishermen with ice plant, cool rooms etc. (40% of catches are lost due to lack of proper pre-harvest facilities)

  • support for the processing of cashew nuts etc.

  • establishing a processing plant for virgin coconut oil providing over 50 additional jobs

  • production of nypa mangrove palm sap as natural sweetener with conservation of nypa mangrove palms

  • production centre of coloured textiles with natural mangrove colours

  • production of high quality honey

  • protects communities against costs incurred by natural distastes (10 metres of mangrove trees reduces wave height by 90%)