Help us help Arne

Who is Arne?

Arne has dedicated his life to reforestation projects in Myanmar. During his career, Arne and the community have successfully planted out thousands of hectares of forests and discovered amazing new ways to plant mangroves with a higher success rate. The whole community is involved, including the women who populate many of the higher positions after years of commitment to these projects.

Arne is extremely successful in the conservation space and during his lifetime, has set a very high bar for the wannabe eco-heroes around the world.

However, Arne has highlighted the challenges that are inherent in the financial side of conservation, including the grant-making system. Success necessitates learning the intricate art of grantsmanship, which is a very time consuming and costly component of every project.

Many projects need to constantly up-date their skills around the grant-making system itself because the rules are always changing:

  • Which funding institutes to approach?

  • What the program officials and review panels are looking for?

  • What is constituted as the ‘success’ for the project?

Overall, Arne’s objectives are quite simple - planting mangrove trees - and Arne has been focusing on the same thing every year. So why all the hoops?

It is true that good science, good planning and good communication will always be demanded by donors to consider a proposal. But this process needs to be streamlined. GMT has stepped in to get the word out to the international community for help Arne, and supply financial backers with the transparency and information they require to gain the confidence in the project.

So Arne can get back to planting one million trees.

Help us help Arne.