Good news.....

Our mangrove nursery partner, Worldview International Foundation has been approved and registered as VCS! What does this mean? Well, the concept of mangrove reforestation is ground breaking in itself, Worldviews projects is only the 4th project in the world to be registered under this scheme.

The VCS Program is the world’s most widely used voluntary GHG program. There are over 1300 certified VCS projects across the world which have collectively reduced 200 million tonnes of carbon and other GHG emissions from the atmosphere.

It is also the very first mangrove reforestation project in Myanmar to be registered under VCS, putting these trees on the map in more ways than one. It hasn’t been without its challenges, submitting the documentation and engaging the consultants to receive such registration usually clocks up at least $300,000 in fees and was the core focus of 2019.

For those interested, blue carbon credits will be available this year to voluntarily offset corporations GHGs. For individuals, you can get involved too by adopting your own mangrove forest here with GLobal Mangrove Trust.

replanted mangrove in memorial tree planting place.jpg