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Many people would love to do more for the environment but are a little bit overwhelmed about where to start… If you live in the city, you can give a few dollars to a charity, say no to a straw, turn lights off as you leave a room...

But have you ever wanted to actually see the difference you make?

·         Do you wonder where your money goes after you give it away?

·         Do you feel a bit underwhelmed when you receive a one-off e-book or pdf certificate for your contribution?

·         Do you ever wonder who actually goes out and plants your tree?

·         Moreover, who is that person that goes back out into the forest to weed, water and patch up that little seedling after its been planted?

·         What goes one on a day to day level with these communities who are out there planting mangroves for a living?

Well, we’re going to give you the sneak peek.

People who have adopted trees in the GMT forest will soon have access to the GMT Ambassador - One of the few English-speaking youths who, just like us, loves to use a smart phone, and wants to share their world with the online community.

·         Get a view of the GMT Forest at ground level.

·         Get questions answered.

·         See the before after AND during footage of a project.

·         Receive ongoing, realistic updates about the projects - in real time.

Get to know the guys on the project and see for yourself what is going on in Myanmar.

All you need to do is adopt 10 trees for $10 USD to get free access to the portal and you can be part of our global community who is doing something, right now, to combat:

·         Climate change

·         Poverty

·         Deforestation

·         Natural distastes

·         Extinctions

·         Unsustainable practices

·         and so much more…

Get to know your global neighbours and see the amazing work we are all doing around the world.